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It's Not an Heirloom Without a Story...

When you record the history of a family heirloom or treasured belonging in The Heirloom Registry™, its story travels with it. Wherever it goes. Always.

For a modest one-time fee and in just 10-15 minutes, family stories can be safely and permanently preserved. It’s simple: Mark/label your family heirlooms (and future family keepsakes) with a unique registry number and tell their stories – or provenances -- in words and pictures at

Once registered, those stories will be available to future owners — or anyone who enters the item's registry number at The Heirloom Registry — no matter where the item goes.  Think of it as a "license plate" for your grandfather clock. (Or dining room table, bedroom set, old photos, family Bible, quilts ... whatever is important to you.)

[New to the Heirloom Registry? Click here for a 3-minute video tour.]
However you choose to mark your treasured belongings (permanent sticker/label, metal plate, tag, etc.), all of our products include a secure, permanent listing on The Heirloom Registry.

Whether you are registering your own keepsakes or helping a parent or family member do so, honoring a treasured belonging by telling its story is both simple and enjoyable. It also provides peace of mind knowing that the things you care about will more likely be cared for by others. Because, sadly, an heirloom without its story is often just more stuff.

(Note that a portion of the cost of each registration number goes into a dedicated fund to help ensure the longevity of The Heirloom Registry — in whatever form the future manifests.)
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